Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Icelandic Adventure

"No such flight exists."
That's what the screen said when I went online to check the status of my flight. Not off to a good start. The flight did exist however and I boarded the Icelandair flight at night. I was pleased to see the air crew implementing a crowd control system to deal with the bottleneck that happens when people absolutely had to store their luggage in the overhead compartment in the least efficient way possible. 

Underway and we spent a long time taxiing along the runway. If it weren't for the fact that we had to cross the Atlantic, I would have thought that we were going to drive there. 
Just prior to descent, the captain announced that we could see the northern lights from the left side of the plane, the side I was on. All I saw was pitch blackness save for a couple of stars. He lied or it was a ploy to force us all awake in preparation for landing. It worked; heads perked up.

With a name like Iceland, it's only fitting that I visit when it's cold. The forecast is for rain and lots of it. This is what happens when you take advantage of a seat sale and travel off-season. (Just a note that the seat sale is a term applied loosely; round-trip fare from Toronto was $195 and with taxes, the total came to about $440! Some 'sale'.) 

As I sip my incredibly expensive ginger and apple shot while I wait for my bus ride, I can only wonder what this Icelandic adventure will yield...

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