Saturday, December 29, 2018

Nothing is as it seems

"Just a walk to the waterfall...easy bike ride on flat terrain...walk around a volcano."

The 'walk' to the waterfall was a hike on slippery slopes and mossy rocks set amidst cascading and thunderous waterfalls. As someone pointed out, it was quite literally water (as in H2O) and fall (as in slip or tumble).

The 'easy' bike ride was hilly, rocky and steaming hot (rays at the equator are potent). There was also a section to portage your bike up a narrow and steep trail. What's the point of going for a bike tour when you have to carry it rather than ride it?

The 'walk' around a volcano was actually a hike up an active volcano to the refuge (quite literally) along a steep switchback trail to an elevation of about 4800 metres, high enough to bring on altitude sickness. If you make it here you are rewarded with hot chocolate (for a price).  The lactose intolerant amongst us had to settle for a cold chocolate bar from a company specializing in gourmet vegan chocolate.

As someone else so aptly pointed out, "...there is no reality, only perception." When the brochure describes an activity, take it with a grain of salt.